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Sevillan Sunshine

February 19, 2012

ISA Spring 2012 in Plaza de España – Sevilla, España

This past weekend, ISA (my study abroad group) took us to Sevilla. All I can say is that I fell in love. Here’s why:

    • I DIDN’T HAVE TO WEAR 5 LAYERS OF CLOTHES! After a week in freezing Italy and a month in frigid Salamanca I was back to wearing only one pair of pants and one jacket — my kind of winter wear. It was warm & sunny and I literally did not stop smiling and dancing around all day long. It was amazing.

This is my “I”m happy because it’s warm and sunny and I don’t have to wear a coat” pose
  • I ate the most delicious meal I’ve had in Spain at a vegetarian restaurant called Gaia for my friend’s birthday. For those of you ever in Sevilla, I HIGHLY recommend it. I had hummus!! for the first time in a month. I ate real Spanish olives with said hummus (for those of you who don’t know this is a staple of my diet at my apartment). For my main dish I had 3 arroces (3 rices) that had zucchini (not battered and fried!), dried fruit, nuts, bell peppers… I was in food heaven.
  • Churros Rellenos– Picture it: a giant, handmade churro filled with creamy vanilla custard, dipped in chocolate. Oh my gosh. Delicious. 4 € well spent (I went back for another)
  • Real Alcázar: I’ll let the pictures do the talking

Beautiful building at the end of the tour

The inside of the royal home. Beautiful and intricate decoration that combines Arabic, Judaic, and Christian themes.

The Courtyard

I think this picture captures the Sevillan vibe — Sun, relaxation, and beauty

  • Plaza de España: Probs one of the most magnificently, breathtakingly, beautiful places I’ve been.

You can rent a boat for 5 € and paddle around the little moat. So cute! Also loving the blue & gold fence

Overlooking the Plaza on a balcony

All around the Plaza there are separate sections dedicated to each region in Spain. We, of course, needed to take a picture with Salamanca’s

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  1. February 29, 2012 6:24 am

    Great tips on the city!

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