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June 26, 2012

Well all, I’m back home in the U.S. 

And as I mentioned in my last post, I was really busy studying for finals — and let me tell you I was actually studying — so I wasn’t able to update the blog. So far, all my studying has paid off though — so far I know of 2 classes that I passed!! Un milagro. But also, a lot of hard work.

That being said, I didn’t get to update the blog. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to finish it off. I am planning on recapping the things that I never had time to write about before. I know I’m not abroad any longer, but even if it’s just for myself, I want to finish what I started and have a complete journal of my time abroad and the transition back home.

And now that it’s summer, I’m not traveling around the world, and I’m not 5 minutes walking from all my favorite shops and cafés, I have plenty of time to do it.

Thank you all for your support. Can’t wait to continue my blogging experience with you all, even if it’s from the couch of my childhood home, rather than 6,000 miles away in España.



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